Episode 015 – Interview with Braiins & SlushPool CEO’s Jan Čapek and Pavel Moravec

In Episode 015 – Matt and Tommy interview Jan Čapek and Pavel Moravec, the directors of Slushpool and Braiins Os. In our discussion we cover a wide range of topics like how they got into crypto, the dynamics of running Slushpool, AsicBoost, Stratum2, the new Braiins Opens Source Miner software, pool competition and Hash rate. We also get their take on the halving coming up and what they think about the current miner markets.

hope you enjoy..

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Braiins OS


Episode 014 – “Bitmain Coup d’état” Discussion with Oleg from Hash Expert

In Episode 014 – Matt and Tommy have a conversation with Oleg from Hash Expert, a Russian company focused on sourcing Miners for worldwide customers.

In our discussion we cover the attempted coup by Jihan Wu of Bitmain, the open letter by shareholder Micree Zhan to Bitmain employees, the detention of Dr Young from Whatsminer in connection to Bitmain drama, the miner landscape of 2019 and the delays in shipments from manufactures. We also touch on the outlook for the miner markets for year end and into 2020 halving.

This was a fun discussion as Oleg shares his insights and perspectives from the other side of the world.

You can contact Oleg on Telegram @OhGodAnOleg or by email at [email protected]. His website is www.hashexpert.net

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The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #012 – Interview with ASIC Miner Broker Scott Offord

In Episode 012 – Matt and Tommy Interview Scott Offord a well known Crypto Miner Hardware broker from Wisconsin who also created a tool set for miners called cryptomining.tools . In this interview we discuss the current landscape for used and new miners, April 2019 used miner boom, November drop in hash rate and its resurgence, prices of current used equipment as well as we walk through how a used ASIC Miner brokered transaction typically works.

We also discuss his new tool set he built for the community which allows miners to predict the profits based on more variables like the havening and uptime.


You can reach Scott Offord at: @offordscott on Telegram and his Miner Discussion group is : t.me/asicMinerDiscussion

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #011 – Interview with Gordon Io – Lead Engineer @ Innosilicon – A Chinese ASIC Miner Company

In Episode 011 – Matt and Tommy Interview Gordon Lau the lead chip design engineer at Innosilicon, a ASIC Miner manufacturer from Shenzhen China. In one of his his first English based interviews, Gordon gives us a history of the company & how they got into Bitcoin, What they have seen in the last year of the bear market and discusses their current focus as well as new miner designs. We also touched on how USA tariffs are impacting their business, what they see for the future of mining and everything else in between. This was an interesting interview as it sheds some light into one of the biggest Chinese miner hardware companies as they face the new Bull market demand, which is back in full force..

Innosilicon is a fabless IP/IC design company focusing on high performance PHYs and mixed signal IP. They are known for being a outspoken competitor to Bitmain with their Sha256 Miners & Litecoin miners, their involvement in white label projects like DragonMint Bitcoin Miner and their newest ambition to make a Grin Miner. Hope you enjoy.


The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #010 – “Are Miners Milking the Bull?”

In Episode 010 – Matt and Tommy are finally back and have a lot of catching up to do. BTC price doubles, Hash rate reaches a new all time high, Miners feel embolden to buy up used and new equipment, Bitmain inventory is scare, The Fidelity Mining Summit and more miner chat regrading whats to come.

Links from show notes:

the Boston Mining Summit given by Fidelity:
Part 1: youtu.be/YwYjfJAp-Io
Part 2: youtu.be/1JhvxMo8khk

Tales from the Crypt- Episode #75 Jack Mailers

New Pool called Poolin

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #009-“The Blackswan Cometh?” – A 2019 Bitcoin Mining Look Forward

Episode 9- “The Blackswan Cometh?” A 2019 Bitcoin Mining Look Forward

In Episode 009 Matt & Tommy return for 2019 to discuss the Bitcoin landscape and the Mining outlook. Also discussed is Bitmain’s troubles and if they will be going belly up , who’s buying all these used miners, what ASIC vendors will survive Crypto Winter, why does the hash rate keep rising and what will the havening bring?

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The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #008-“Rockin the BlockBoxes” Andrew Kiguel of Hut8 Mining Interview

Episode 8 – “Rockin the BlockBoxes” The Andrew Kiguel Interview

In Episode 008 Matt & Tommy interview Andrew Kiguel the CEO from Hut8 Mining a publicly traded Bitcoin Mining company out of Toronto. The interview comes on the heels of Hut8 announcing their 2018 3rd quarter results as well as a debt raising with Galaxy Digital. We discuss Hut8’s exclusive agreement with the Bitfury Group, the companies Medicine Hat farm that just came online, how they do their accounting, what pool they use, the math in how much it costs them to make a Bitcoin, the state of Crypto Mining industry as well as their expansion plans. 

Hut8 Mining Contact Info:
info @ hut8mining.com
@Hut8Mining on Twitter twitter.com/hut8mining

Traded Symbol in Canada: TSX-V: HUT – www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock…?countrycode=ca

Traded Symbol in USA: HUTMF(OTCMKTS)- finance.yahoo.com/quote/HUTMF/

00:00:00 to 00:00:25 – Intro Music – Bitcoin Barron
00:00:26 to 00:00:43 – Topics being Discussed
00:00:44 to 00:56:24:00 – Andrew Kiguel of Hut8 Mining Interview
00:56:25:01 to 00:57:40:00 – Outro Music – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #007-“Bubble Hashing” – Interview with Chase Blackmon from Immersion Systems

Episode 7 – “Hashing Bubbles” The Chase Blackmon Interview

In Episode 007 Matt & Tommy interview Chase Blackmon the owner of Immersion Systems an Immersion cooling mining operation out of Texas USA. We discuss a crazy story on how he got involved in Crypto, what lead him to immersion cooling , and why immersion cooling will make a big impact moving forward with crypto miners. We also discuss the current Bitcoin Hashrate and other mining topics this weeks special interview on the the Crypto Miner Podcast.

Links and Info Discussed In this Podcast Episode:

Link to Chase’s Reddit Post:


Immersion Systems:



Bitcool Link:


How to contact Chase Blackmon from Immersion Systems

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

00:00:00 to 00:00:25 – Intro Music – Bitcoin Barron
00:00:26 to 00:00:43 – Topics being Discussed
00:00:44 to 01:14:05:00 – Interview with Chase Blackmon from Immersion Systems
01:14:06:01 to 01:15:23:01 – Outro Music – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro


The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #006-Bitmain ASICBoost, KYC, 7nm plus Siacoin Fork, Zcash Difficulty Rise & Cumberland Research Mining Profitability Report.

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #6- Bitmain ASICBoost, KYC, 7nm plus SiaCoin Fork, Zcash difficulty rise & Cumberland Research Mining Report.

This week Matt & Tommy dig into the big Bitmain news announcement of ASICboost flash for S9, KYC demands on all clients, USA tariffs hitting sales hard and the announcement of the new BM1391 7nm chipset. Additionally the guys discuss SiaCoin Fork to brick ASICS’s, Zcash Rise in Difficulty and the Cumberland Research Report on Mining vs Buying Bitcoin published on October 1, 2018.

Topics Discussed:
– Bitmain Announces a new flash for some S9 to use ASICboost
– Bitmain requiring KYC on all orders now
– How Tariffs are effecting Bitmain’s sales
– The announcement of the BM1394 7nm ASIC
– Siacoin Fork to Brick Existing ASIC’s
– ZCash is difficulty rising and will Z9 ever see ROI?
– Cumberland Research Mining Profitability Report digs deep in mining vs buying coin.. They say buying coin is better the mining . Do you agree?

Links and Info Discussed In this Podcast Episode:

Cumberland Research Report on Mining Profitability 

00:00:00 to 00:00:25 – Intro Music – Bitcoin Barron
00:00:26 to 00:00:43 – Topics being Discussed
00:00:44 to 02:42:00 – Market Update
00:02:43 to 30:40:00 – Bitmain ASICboost Flash, KYC demands, Tariffs and new 7nm chip announced in Mining Conference.
30:40:01 to 39:10:00 – SIaCoin Fork to brick Bitmain ASIC’s
39:10:01 to 45:26:25 – Zcash Difficulty sharply rises as of Sept 1 2018
45:26:26 to 55:20:00 – Cumberland Research Report on Crypto Mining 
55:20:01 to 56:38:23 – Outro Music – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro