Month: July 2019

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #012 – Interview with ASIC Miner Broker Scott Offord

In Episode 012 – Matt and Tommy Interview Scott Offord a well known Crypto Miner Hardware broker from Wisconsin who also created a tool set for miners called . In this interview we discuss the current landscape for used and new miners, April 2019 used miner boom, November drop in hash rate and its resurgence, prices of current used equipment as well as we walk through how a used ASIC Miner brokered transaction typically works.

We also discuss his new tool set he built for the community which allows miners to predict the profits based on more variables like the havening and uptime.

You can reach Scott Offord at: @offordscott on Telegram and his Miner Discussion group is :

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #011 – Interview with Gordon Io – Lead Engineer @ Innosilicon – A Chinese ASIC Miner Company

In Episode 011 – Matt and Tommy Interview Gordon Lau the lead chip design engineer at Innosilicon, a ASIC Miner manufacturer from Shenzhen China. In one of his his first English based interviews, Gordon gives us a history of the company & how they got into Bitcoin, What they have seen in the last year of the bear market and discusses their current focus as well as new miner designs. We also touched on how USA tariffs are impacting their business, what they see for the future of mining and everything else in between. This was an interesting interview as it sheds some light into one of the biggest Chinese miner hardware companies as they face the new Bull market demand, which is back in full force..

Innosilicon is a fabless IP/IC design company focusing on high performance PHYs and mixed signal IP. They are known for being a outspoken competitor to Bitmain with their Sha256 Miners & Litecoin miners, their involvement in white label projects like DragonMint Bitcoin Miner and their newest ambition to make a Grin Miner. Hope you enjoy.