The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #003-BetterHash Proposal, BTCC Pool Sells Stake, HUT8 CEO on WCN, Comparison of 2 Mining IPO’s, Quebec Power Problems & Zooko Talks to Jihan Wu as Zcash Z9 Ships

The Crypto Miner Podcast returns with its third episode and the Crypto Markets still continue to be in bear territory, BTC price is hovering around $6800 and there is a lot of speculation around Crypto Mining as its goes negative for some. We are set to see our first negative difficulty adjustment on BTC chain since November 2017 as well and there are talks of a sharp rebound. As we enter early July your hosts Matt & Tommy discuss Matt Corallo’s Better Hash Proposal,  the sale of 49% of  BTCC Mining Pool in Hong Kong, takeaways from the interview on the World Crypto Network with Andrew Kiguel- CEO of HUT8 and a comparison of mining rollouts by 2 public mining companies HUT8 (HUT.T) and MGTI (OTC:MGTI). Also discussed is the Quebec power issues, the use of shipping containers to build a crypto mining farm and the conversation between Zooko from Zcash Foundation & Jihan Wu of Bitmain asking for more transparency.

Topics Discussed:

-The current Bitcoin Price , Current Network difficulty & negative adjustment coming
-Matt Corallo’s proposal of BetterHash and new stratum link security
-BTCC mining Pool sells 49% stake and what this means to valuations of Mining Pools
-Takeaways from the interview on the World Crypto Network of HUT8’s Andrew Kiguel
-Comparison of MGTI (OTCQB: MGTI) S9 rollout compared to HUT8’s  (TSXV: HUT.V) Bitfury Containers
-Miners are leaving Quebec as Hydro Quebec puts breaks on the power and creates red tape
-Shipping containers used as data center pods
-Z9 Zcash Miners ship as Zooko and Jihan Wu have a conversation about transparency

Links and Info Discussed In this Podcast Episode:

Tracking BTC Mining Difficulty
Tom Lees says Price usually runs 2.5X Mining costs
Matt Corallo Discusses BetterHash with Jimmy Song
BetterHash Proposal on GitHub
In-Depth Look at Stratum Link Protocal
Mining Pool BTCC Sells Stake 
Andrew Kiguel of HUT8 Discusses Operations and Bitcoin Mining on World Crypto Network
Earnings update call for MGTI Q1 2018
HUT8 Mining Corp Investor Info
Quebec Power to Halt Crypto Mining
Antbox Shipping Container Farm from Bitmain
BlackBox AC from Bitfury
Bitfury Mobile Datacenters
Zcash Decides Not To Fork at ZCon
Zooko’s transcript of the video chat with Jihan Wu
Bitmain’s New Transparency on Miner Shipments

0:00 to :30 – Intro
00:31 to 01:12 – Topics being Discussed
1:13 to 2:42 – Bitcoin Network Difficulty & Price Update
2:43 to 15:25 – Matt Corolo’s proposal of BetterHash
15:26 to 23:16 -BTCC sells 49% of their mining pool to Investment bank
23:17 to 30:45 – Commentary on roundtable with Andrew Kiguel of CEO of HUT8, Public mining company
30:46 – 40:30 – MGTI compared to HUT8 IPO’s
40:31-47:00 – Quebec shuts door on Crypto Miners
47:01-54:00 – The use of modified shipping containers to build farms
5:401-1:00:06 – Zooko of Zcash and Jihan Wu of Bitmain have a chat as Z9 starts to ship.
1:00:07 Outro – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro