The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #006-Bitmain ASICBoost, KYC, 7nm plus Siacoin Fork, Zcash Difficulty Rise & Cumberland Research Mining Profitability Report.

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #6- Bitmain ASICBoost, KYC, 7nm plus SiaCoin Fork, Zcash difficulty rise & Cumberland Research Mining Report.

This week Matt & Tommy dig into the big Bitmain news announcement of ASICboost flash for S9, KYC demands on all clients, USA tariffs hitting sales hard and the announcement of the new BM1391 7nm chipset. Additionally the guys discuss SiaCoin Fork to brick ASICS’s, Zcash Rise in Difficulty and the Cumberland Research Report on Mining vs Buying Bitcoin published on October 1, 2018.

Topics Discussed:
– Bitmain Announces a new flash for some S9 to use ASICboost
– Bitmain requiring KYC on all orders now
– How Tariffs are effecting Bitmain’s sales
– The announcement of the BM1394 7nm ASIC
– Siacoin Fork to Brick Existing ASIC’s
– ZCash is difficulty rising and will Z9 ever see ROI?
– Cumberland Research Mining Profitability Report digs deep in mining vs buying coin.. They say buying coin is better the mining . Do you agree?

Links and Info Discussed In this Podcast Episode:

Cumberland Research Report on Mining Profitability 

00:00:00 to 00:00:25 – Intro Music – Bitcoin Barron
00:00:26 to 00:00:43 – Topics being Discussed
00:00:44 to 02:42:00 – Market Update
00:02:43 to 30:40:00 – Bitmain ASICboost Flash, KYC demands, Tariffs and new 7nm chip announced in Mining Conference.
30:40:01 to 39:10:00 – SIaCoin Fork to brick Bitmain ASIC’s
39:10:01 to 45:26:25 – Zcash Difficulty sharply rises as of Sept 1 2018
45:26:26 to 55:20:00 – Cumberland Research Report on Crypto Mining 
55:20:01 to 56:38:23 – Outro Music – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro