Month: May 2018

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #001-Who, Why & What’s Goin On

In our first episode we give the listeners a idea of who we are, why we are doing this and what we have planned for our podcast plus discussion of current events in the crypto mining world.

Topics Discussed:

-China’s crypto mining crackdown.. Fact or FUD?
-Canada cheap power attracting crypto miners but are they welcome?
-Controversial Change of POW comments made by @CobraBitcoin on Twitter
-DragonMint Miner shipping yet?
-AsicBoost White Paper discussed and how a new patent is claiming to be applicable to Halong new DragonMint Miner


Links Discussed In this episode podcast:

China’s crypto crackdown

China’s shutdown of bitcoin miners isnt just about electricity

Canada bitcoin mining prime destination

Cryptocurrency mining centres some quebec municipalities impose 90 day-ban


DragonMint Miner

Bitcoin’s New Controversy: The AsicBoost Allegations Explained

AsicBoost White Paper

What is AsicBoost