Month: August 2018

The Crypto Miner Podcast -Episode #004-The Grey Market for Miners, Newly Announced Miners & All things Bitmain IPO

The Crypto Miner Podcast returns with its 4th episode and we try to provide a bit of relief from this never ending bear market! As we enter mid August your hosts Matt & Tommy discuss The quickly changing Grey market of ASIC mining, the release of new miners and how that will effect the market. Lastly we discuss all things regarding the upcoming Bitmain IPO.

Topics Discussed:

The Current Bitcoin Price , Current Network difficult & The Recovery of the Hash Rate 
The Worldwide Grey Market that Exists for ASIC Miners
Three New ASIC Miners Announced That Ship Soon: Innosilcon T2, Whatsminer M10 and AvalonMiner A9

Links and Info Discussed In this Podcast Episode:

Avalon 7nm 30T Announced

Whatsminer/Shenma M10 16nm 33T Announced

Bitmain reportedly lost lost of money in Q2

Bitmain further commits to transparency

51% POW Change Debate / Game Theory vs. Decentralization

Bitmain Related Funding and IPO Links:
Bitmain Receives Extra 1 Billion Funding Ahead of IPO

Bitmain Sells All BTC for BCH at $900

18 Billion IPO One Of Worlds Largest

TSMC Virus Incident at Factory

Questions Arise about the Revenue of Bitmain

0:00 to :30 – Intro
00:31 to 01:02 – Topics being Discussed
1:03 to  03:07 – Bitcoin Network Difficulty & Price Update
03:08 to 16:18 – The Grey Market for ASIC Miners
16:19 to 30:31 – Faster Bitcoin Miners Announced by 3 Manufactures and what this means to Bitmain
30:32 to 01:06:33 – Try to make sense of Bitmain Transparency Announcements and IPO Talks in Hong Kong in the Amount of 80 Billion Dollars
01:06:34 to 01:07:51 – Outro – Big Props to @YTCracker – OG Crypo Rapper for allowing us to use his “Bitcoin Barron” song in Intro and Outro